Brand Introduction:
Founded by Sydney friends Kathryn Cowle and Jessica Speers, Cedar & Onyx, is a womenswear label that embraces colour, form, function and feel. Designed and made in Australia using high quality, natural fibres every piece is easy to wear and created to brighten and complement your wardrobe. Cedar & Onyx produces high-end, ethical garments that are visually simple in design but include fun prints and colours.
  Cedar & Onyx is an outlet for the team's creativity and love of fashion. Our goal is to create classic, luxury garments for women of all sizes. We celebrate the differences in women's bodies, and we design clothes to help women love themselves and feel comfortable. We rejoice in the beauty of all women and connect with them through our designs. Our garments are made with passion and love. 
 Our fabrics are carefully sourced, and we pay great attention to detail at every step of the production process. Cedar & Onyx uses a range of dead-stock, and naturally sustainable fabrics in our collections. Our garments are produced locally; our cutters, sample machinists and our manufacturing team are all located in Sydney. On-shore production means that we have more control over where, how and by whom our clothes are produced. It also means that we have close and strong relationships with our valued team. Our goal is to provide Australian women with clothing that will last longer and feel better, while reducing pressure on the planet. 
Designer Bio: 

  Kathryn Cowle and Jessica Speers became close friends while studying at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. After graduating in 2014 both designers worked for other Australian fashion houses before starting their own venture in 2017. 

  “Kathryn and I had always had a desire to establish a fashion label of our own. We both saw a niche in the market for a high-end label that offers a bigger size range, dramatic prints and easy to wear designs that can be dressed up or down. 

 We have experienced this journey together, collaborating and sharing the highs and lows.  By working side-by-side we have inspired each other and remind each other to focus on what matters: high-quality sustainable designs produced for beautiful women of all shapes and sizes”. – Jessica Speers