Welcome to Our World!

Welcome to our blog!....
For a while now we’ve wanted a way to speak to our audience more and for you to get to know us: why we’re on this crazy journey, what our values are and just generally how it’s going. I’m Jess. I’ll be your chief blogger, go to gal for any questions, and general updater of exciting things we are working on! Kathryn is my red-headed other half. Kathryn’s the one that does all the techy stuff; insta, website, online retailer management. We both share the designing, running around, and all ad hoc duties!
Jess (left) & Kathryn (right)- Co-owners Cedar & Onyx
Kathryn and I met at uni – as all good partners do…Hilary and Bill Clinton, Kate and Wills, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. After uni I got a big girl job sending emails, sitting in meeting rooms, reading important board documents, etc., etc. while Kathryn decided to pursue her (and my) dream of starting a womenswear label. Long story short, I wanted in and so we decided to rebrand, reimagine and relaunch as Cedar & Onyx – yay!
Three years on and we have released 3 collections, moved studios twice (if you count moving out of my bedroom) and had a screaming match once. So business is fun! Seriously though, it’s been a blast…there is nothing else I would rather do! I also love the relationship I have with Kathryn, being in a business partnership with someone is like being married, having a twin sister, and a best friend all rolled into one.
So, down to bizness so to speak. What we’re aiming for in this blog is simple; we want to connect with you, our audience and our peers. One of the things that Kathryn and I have loved about this journey is that we have met so many amazing people and heard so many incredible journeys and we want to share ours and hear more of yours! So….Rules of the blog:
  1. I’m not going to blog in any particular order because there’s enough organisation in my life and I’d really like this to be somewhere I can write what I’m feeling that day – seems like this would be a good way for this blog to be as honest and real as possible…basic point of a blog, right?
  2. Comment, email us, come share the love. I know this blog won’t be for everyone and that’s cool but let’s be nice about it.
  3. I will try to include pics, cos you know what they say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.  And if you’ve stay reading this far, thank you! I am so grateful and overjoyed (hi mum!)
  4. I will attempt to add a new blog post every 2-4 weeks. 
  5. I don’t have a fifth so will just leave this free for when something obvious finally occurs to me.
 Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post! 
 Jess….and Kathryn xx



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